Wednesday, September 04, 2013

My Wake Up Call

Deciding on any type of surgery can be a difficult decision  but when you have a news that I had it changed the decision   that I had to make involving my Total Knee and quite quickly I might add.

I have been faced with a total knee and working in Healthcare I know the in and outs with the concern's of a Total Knee! The first and upmost is infection!!!!!! second is Physical Therapy. Both of these had become great concerns of mine .

I am a Diabetic and having this type of Surgery poses a great threat to my overall health. My routine 3 month check up with my Endocrinologists was the awakening that I needed. Why? My sugars were out of control! An A1C  of 10.3 was way to high and certainly not safe at all to have a Total Knee. She explained to me that yes you have been loosing weight however, your A1C has been climbing not good you have to work very hard in getting it  under control. Going into a surgery such as this you will  get a infection and could possibly loose your leg! With news such as this turned my head around   This scared the hell out of me ! So drastic changes were made. No carbs in my diet until my sugars were under better control.. My Doctor also changed my meds around and no matter how it hurts I ride my bike! Not far only a mile as it is all I can stand but a one is better then a 0.

My sugars readings are coming down and I do feel better. My Total knee has been put on hold for a while a long while at least  to I have a normal A1C which is 6.0. I may limp or have to walk with a Cain but at least I will have a leg

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