Monday, May 10, 2010

The History of the Standard Poodle

History of the Standard Poodle!

You can see that my favorite breed of dog is the Standard Poodle. Why is this? Well, because they are intelligent,loyal, athletic, and beautiful. Now that is quit a bit to fall back on.So lets go back and take a look of the history of The Standard Poodle.

History shows that the Romans were first to show poodles as far as 30 AD they were also found on carvings on and around Roman Tombs and placed on Roman and Greek coins.
Egyptians and Romain artifact beer portraits of Poodles assisting there owners with herding hunting and retrieving .But who claims to developing of the breed?

You would have to say the Germans developed this noble breed as it was Strong and held to its name `Pudel or "Splash in Water"this dog became famous for it Loyalty intelligence and athletic ability to retrieve in the water thus becoming the first Duck Dog.
France wanted in in the game so they inherited the poodle made it its National Hunting Dog and from there the perfection of the breed started. The Frenchman decided that in order to make the Poodle more efficient in the water he decided that his coat needed to be shaved in areas that would not only produce speed in the cold waters but to protect the dog in areas such as the Kidneys, Heart and ankles so thus the Continental Clip was developed.

Due to its intelligence and grace the Standard Poodle Became a house hold dog. The aristocratic French Woman loved the beauty of this dog so The Poodle also went to side of the most elite Women of France and thus a smaller poodles was in the shadows.

By the 1930's the Standard Poodle had made its way to the United States and by this time there were 34 poodles registered and by 1935 a white Standard Poodle won Best in Show in today one of America largest dog show in the Country thus the popularity of this breed spreed.

Today the varsity of the Standard Poodle has proven it truth to its heritage. The Poodle is shown in many avenues not just the breed ring. Hunting,herding, agility, obedience, fly ball, dock diving Rally and oh yea just plan hagging out.
The Poodle has held on to its Intelligence and is the second smartest dog next to the Boarder Collie. The Poodle has a great sense of well being and is whimsical and fun at heart. They are very social and love to be with you they are the life of a party and always are seen having fun no matter what they are doing.The Standard Poodle has held it popularity remain top 10 of favorite breeds.

I guess you can see why I enjoy the Standard Poodle. From its very beginning to today it is the most beautiful and intelligent of breeds and hold true to its history and while I'm either on the agility field or at home my Boys remind me of why I love this breed.


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