Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Sunday Afternoon with the Brevard Symphony Quartet

 Evan & I setting and waiting to here the Quartet
 The celloist performing a song from Handel
 Talking about Scott Choplin
 Evan listening to the Brevard Symphony Quartet Perform
 A little girl asked me permission to pet Evan as did her Mom as well I said it was OK and this moment was captured
 Evan and I sitting and waiting he was very good and like everything around him all the children were very polite to both Evan & I
 Two violinist performed such beautiful music

 This little boy and his mom came over and he performs with the Children's Orchestra he plays the violin
The Conductor of the Brevard Symphony Orchestra Christopher Confessore

The Brevard Symphony Orchestra conducted by Christopher Confessore gave s sneek preview of the up and coming season. There Quartet performed this Sunday at Barnes and Nobel and it was a perfect setting to bring Evan along with me.

It stared out my sister and I picking up our dear friend Dot and of course Evan and I rode in the back seat. We headed for Melbourn taking US1 as it runs along the River and is such a scenic drive. Arriving in Melbourn we headed for lunch to Olive Garden but it was packed and I did not want to miss the concert. TG Fridays was right across from Barnes and Nobel so it was a hit.

Evan was a perfect gentleman and we all had a wonderful lunch. Now it was off to the mini concert.It was wonderful!! Evan was great he was at my side the whole time. The children were so respectful and asked permission if they could pet him and  I felt it was OK

It was such a wonderful afternoon with special moments I was able to capture with the camera. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did taking them


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