Saturday, August 10, 2013

Jacob, His First AKC Obedience Trial

I thought I would never get to this point of being able to trial my Sable Standard Poodle Jacob. Growing up he has so many behavior issue his major one being shy of people and other dogs. This caused many classes in behavior training and consistency  in his training.

Finally I was able to enroll in Competitive  Obedience training With Jacob but finding the right trainer was very important one who believed in Positive training and was able to transcend the techniques of positive training  for Competitive Obedience. This Trainer I have found and I am so happy with her and the results are very rewarding. All of my poodles love to go to class including Jacob!

Putting together the recipe for showing in trial with Jacob finally paid off I entered him in his First AKC Obedience Trial His class was going for a optional title in Beginners Novice it is a friendly was and not as much pressure on a novice dog for a title. It was three trial in a weekend and if qualifying you can erne a title. I was not as much in a hurry as to earn a title but more for the exposure of a trial. Getting Jacobs Sea legs so to speak!

Out of this weekend trial I only placed Jacob in Sunday class as I thought that it would not be as busy but boy was I wrong! Entered in his class were 10 dogs and 10 experience handlers. We were second boarded to enter the ring finally it was our turn. Entering the ring Jacob was confident and delighted  to be in the ring. He gave 400% with a few mistake but I could not complain Why because we Qualified and received 3rd place. It was a proud moment for the both of us Jacob new he did a good job but what I was really happy was Jacob went into the ring representing his breed name Blacktie's Jacob Ladder. Go Team Blacktie

 Jacob and I waiting to go into the ring
 Jacob on his recall
 Jacob and I waiting for the sitting for exam
 Judge telling us we Qualified
Our end result

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