Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dinner at Dads

I cannot tell you how much we have enjoyed our family from Boston it has been such a delie that it is sad to see them go
I wish this week would of last forever!!

These Photos were taken at our dads house a wonderful dinner enjoyed by all

 Dad my Aunt and Margaret in the kitchen
 My Sister Valerie nd our Cousin Gail
 Grampa Wise Guy with Luke and Justen Our Nephews
 Donna our Sister in Law with Valerie
 John our step Brother and his two children Luke & Justin
 A picture of our Grant Grandfather and Grand father
 My Cannolies I made
 our parents wedding picture
 strike a pose Auntie
 a great salad Donna made
 A toast to you
 Grandpa Wise Guy Margret and there awesome grand kids Justin & Luke
Oh yes a picture of me

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