Sunday, June 30, 2013

Our Parens Moved In

I think we all know the three most stressful things in life to all of us are Death, Divorce and Moving!!
Our parents had decided to sell there manufacture home and move in with us. Both my sister and I were fine with the idea but never thought it would truly happen but guess what? It did.

Our Father is 85 years of age and our Step Mom is in her Mid 70's so moving at there age I thought was just not going o happen but it did.

Thursday rolled around and it was moving day both our Dad and Stepmother  packed there entire home by themselves  and were ready to move. Our Stepbrother  and his crew were ready to load the truck. My Dad had ordered the largest truck that U Haul had to offer and it still took many trips. The distance was 40 miles each way.. When I talked to our  stepbrother he was beside himself so much stuff it filled two storage units to the max. To have a yard sale was out of the question  they wanted all of there things.

Prior to them moving I had cleaned the quest room and shampoo the carpet moved things out of there closet into mine had there TV hooked up and the computer moved into my room. Finally they finished at 1 am everyone was tired Johns crew stayed until the end as they had to drive home and return the truck My dad got dizzy as did my Stepmom it was a lot on them but they did it. Both my sister and I made there bed hung there cloths so they could lay down and sleep.

Moving had to be the most stressful thing around no matter how hard you try t be organize it just not so... I give our parents a lot of credit they did it! We are very happy that they moved in now we don't have to worry they are safe and sound  and once again our family pulled together.


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