Friday, March 01, 2013

In Loving Memory of Emanuel's Blazing Raisin CGC. RN. February 14,2008 - February 9,2013



It has taken me some time to be able to write about the loss of Raisin my sister Sheltie. Raisin was young too young to have to leave this world she was a Sheltie  so devoted to her Mistress my sister Valerie.
There was not a single task that she would not do and with drive and heart.

She lived in a house full of my Standard Poodles and her pack friend Shy who was a Sheltie that my sister rescued. Raisin let it be known that she was in charge of my boys especially Thomas my one Standard Poodle of which Thomas was only 18 months old when Raisin joined us she herself was just 2 months old but Thomas was gentle  she loves to pull on his ears and his puffs on his legs not good when you are trying to grow a coat on a standard poodle. So there play time was always monitor.

The reason of her loss was never determine  and it is too heart breaking to actually try to figure it out. She had three Veterinarians  working on her case but she could never recover from her surgery.
To those that have pets to some they are more precious then just a pet. They give so much love and forgiveness  they carve a space within our hearts and when God calls them home they leave and gain the true freedom they deserve!

I miss this Little Sheltie very much and it is hard to see my sister go through this loss but they say time heals and takes away the hurt but only leaves the memory which is more powerful  then the grief and the loss itself!
I know I will be facing this myself with my boys but I believe that God gives the power to animals to choose us as they are angels sent to teach us and when they are called they must go leaving us knowing at the end we can all be together again . So they wait over the Rainbow Bridge


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