Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Chemicals in our home and on and around our pets

This can be a touch subject and a controversial one at best especially since I  have no science to back this up just my opinion so never the less I will empress it.
Most of us have children and most of us have pets and there are some of us that have neither but this goes out to all of us and the above mention.

If you live in a state like I do Florida it is very buggy and lately it seems we have not have had much of a winter so bugs are at there best and reproducing all the time
Living in state such as Florida allows you to treat and fertilize  all year round yards look great houses are bug free pets are treated and for those warm buggy nights your county sprays for mosquitoes or you layer yourself and pets in bug spry.

Now if you go back and re read you will see that we are dredging yourself,family and pets and some form or other with pesticides. and if Florida it can be all year round
I am not a fan of this why because you and your family and pets are doing nothing but submerging yourselves in chemicals that can lead to some form of cancer. Now you are wondering where are the facts well UN fortunately I do not have any but just a hunch. For example, we had a tick problem and my Standard Poodles were being heavy treated with every thing possible plus the house and yard treated heavily yes it all went away after we moved I did not have to treat my poodles and did not want to it was so toxic to them and to us now I don't treat my boys only if I have to  they have developed cyst in all of the areas that I placed the preventive medication... Medication? more like rubbing a pesticide which them gets onto the skin and into the blood stream

How can we keep our home and pets free from all of these bugs? It is not easy but there are some remedies that I use that help.

Keep your dogs and cats well groomed
bath your dogs every 14 days
comb using a flea comb
keep your yard clean do not use mulch around your plants antisense bugs, toads and mold around your home use stones  gravel or ceder
Use distal vinegar or salt water to kill weeds instead of chemicals
keep your yard mowed and raked fill in sandy area with top soil and grass seed
keep hedges short and all garden beds weeded
Use a flour and water or soap mixture on vegetables plants to keep bugs and mold of your garden plants and always water the base of your flower beds and vegetables helps keep mold away do not over water!
leave no standing water in yard try to have as good of drainage and during heavy rainy season make sure your pets are not outside. You are your pets best friend and guardian for mosquito control

These are some helpful ways to prevent and a healthy way for everyone in your family. I hope you all have a healthy and happy and bug free New Year


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