Saturday, March 09, 2013

Being the Advocate for my Dog

What a lesson I learned today. Attending a Fun Run was on the agenda for this Saturday Morning  so off I went with Evan.

 This Fun Run I have to be honest it was hard. Hard for both Myself and Evan. Most Fun Runs have a Novice and a Excellent course  but this one had a course that was from a world team or master USDAA way above my head and Evans!

First off was the game of Snooker which we did OK but not as smooth as I would of wanted .Then second was Pairs which was a course  set up on a Masters Course.  At this point we did very well. however, the last was to hard  it was set up for a master course and we are just A Novice team this is when I should of Stopped. I should of been a better advocate for my boy and I was not! Evan had fallen off the teeter as the turn into the teeter from a jump was to sharp. He fell on his neck and that scared me folks it really did
 At this point I  could of caused injury to my dog lucky I did not but I will never repeat this action again. When it is time to quit it is time to quite!

It was a difficult course all the way around hard on my knee and very hard on my poodle it may me realize that sometimes it is best to throw  in the towel and move in a better direction for both you and your dog.
Evan excels in Obedience and does do a very good job in Agility however I'm not to sure that I do so it is best to stick with what we both excel in

I have decided to save the money for the last Agility Trial and move towards Obedience and focus on the training as he already has one title under his belt plus it allows me to focus on Jacob as he needs a job!

 Today could of been a disaster with Evan getting injured but someone watched over us and gave me the insight to change direction for the good of us and so I shall.


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