Monday, November 26, 2012

Nutmeg That Incredible Spice

During this time of year everyone has a favorite recipe which we  are baking or sharing and some of the most pungent spices are apart of your recipe but have you ever thought of the History of where the spice came from?

Nutmeg is the most used spice next to cinnamon adds to the pungent flavors to a recipe adding some medicinal  contents to a recipe but what is the history of this common spice?
Back in the 1600 hundreds this spice was harvested in the West Indies  and was quite sought after.
The Dutch decided that they wanted  in on the action as the simple spice Nutmeg had proved itself to be a great money maker
Invading on this territory it became a blood bath Be headings as well as driving those off who harvest the spice out. Braking them of the ability to harvest the  spice  and use as trade. The Dutch had Conquered!

In today's market of course things have changed and most diffidently become civil instead if loosing one head over this simple little spice the only fear we may have is your local grocery store may be out of stock.
So the next time you add Nutmeg to your favorite recipe. Remember lives were lost in the harvesting of this Spice!


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