Thursday, October 25, 2012

Some Old and New Pictures of my Poodles

 The Boys Playing at my trainers home
 Thomas and his toy ball
 My Beautiful Evan at Jeans Home
 Jacob wanting the treat from my sister and her shelties
 Now Evan has the Ball
 Thomas and Jacob looking out the Glass Doors
 Thomas and Jacob watching the neighbor
 Our Auntie Gloria speaking Italian to my boys even Spike my cat wanted in on the action
A day at the groomers
 Evan and I at the Brevard Symphony Orchestra Quartet performing at Barnes and Noble
 Evan listening to the beautiful music
 Margaret and Thomas
 Evan on a sit stay notice the Squirrel in the background they were everywhere
 Evan on a wonderful fall morning
 Me and Thomas at my Agility Trainers home
 Evan and I
 Thomas and I at a AKC agility Trial in Vero Beach Fl

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