Friday, October 26, 2012

Agility, Will I be able to succeed?

Fall is here and cooler weather has finally arrived for us in Florida. Everything seems so much clearer and bright from the long drawn out summer.
Usually this time of year I began working my boys in agility for November and December Trials but this year is different, Why?I had Knee surgery at the end of July. I had an Arthroscopy .of the right Knee.
Now most people would think heck I had one of those and I was back to doing all my normal activity in no time but this was no normal or simple surgery. I had severe damage to the knee due to continue impacting my knee from agility and my work as I am a scrub in the operating room. and as most of you know K9 Agility is no walk in the park. It is very demanding on both Dog and handler. Lots of twist and turns and running!

I knew I had an injury but like most handlers you continue on and make the best of it thinking the injury would go away, but it didn't.
after my MRI I knew I had a lateral torn cartilage and was atretis in the left knee now discovered in the right knee so I was scheduled for surgery. A simple Arthroscopy of the right knee. Would be back to scrubbing in 3 weeks and my agility in 6 weeks. NOT!!

I was entered in a Agility Trial in april as well as a CPE Agility trial I had stopped my agility classes with my boys trainer and dear Friend Jean. due to the pain was increasing getting worse and made it almost impossible to trial class and work so I had to stop all but my work. This was upsetting to me and to my dogs as they love going to Jeans.My Surgery was then schudule for May but due to insurece issue I had to CX. My surgeon was very upset that I Cx called me and said we would work out the finances as I truly needed the surgery.Surgery was then scheduled for the end of July.
Going into this I truly thought I would be back to work and my agility in no time as did my surgeon but that did not happen.. The damage was just too severe

The operation was successful but the recovery would be lengthy as he told my parent who accompanied me to the hospital . " I do not know how she walked or let alone or dog activities Most patients would not have been able"This is what he told my parents also that my recovery would take quite sometime and I was facing a total knee in the future.

I was out of work a lot longer and just recently went back which has proven to be very challenging for me and painful but I do it but the one thing that I want to do and am not able too is my agility. Oh I am no pro at this and have such a long way to go but I enjoy the atmosphere and the challenge that agility brings to the table. I read my agility friend post on how well they and their dogs are doing and there I sit with Ice on my knee why for the first three weeks I could barely walk let alone run a agility course.

This has been the greatest discipline that I am going through right now. Why? Because to go and attempt this activity with my Poodles would only bring failure and possible re injury and that would just be plain stupid on my part!!
At this point I have worked my way up to a mile walking with my boys and have successfully trialed and earned a title on my one boy Evan  in Obedience. I do plan to   exceed with Evan both in agility and Obedience as he is very capable but for now with agility I have much more healing I have to do and more strengthening so I am having to pass on my fall trials and agility classes for now. But I plan to be up and going in the early winter and spring and perhaps one trial under our belt for the season \
I plan to continue with the obedience trials and succeed with Evan and as far as my Doctor feels my total can wait as there are  other things that can be done to offset  the total and as far as he is concerned Agility, is just around the corner!


 Me and Mt Boys from left to right Thomas Evan and Jacob
 Thomas at the last years november agility Trial

Evan In the last year November AKC Agility Trial Jumps and weaves

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