Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fall is finally here

 Florida maple tree                                                                                  
Florida Apple Tree                                                    

Fall has finally  arrived! September 22 marks the arrival of Fall Equinox . What can be more exciting and warm then waking up to a crisp fall morning. Many states like mid western and New England and parts of the pacific experience this wonder season with its rich changing of the leaves robust fruit and cool and crisp weather. Why some states even have snow. But what does this season represent? Fall Equinox  it is the balance of each pole to mark spring on one side of the world and fall the other side of the world.

In ancient  times it was consider the second harvest or Mabon. Folks would gather all of there grains and give thanks to the Gods and Goddesses for a wonderful harvest. In today world this event still takes Place those that celebrate this day are Wiccan yes it is a Pagan Holiday.Wicca being such a earth base religion celibates many holidays this is just one of many reckoning and honoring Mother Earth and all of her wonders.

Living in Florida this happens to be one of my most favorite times of year. UN fortunately   Florida does not get the powerful images and changes that other states and parts of the world. But you can feel and see the difference by that I mean the the change in the planet. The sunlight and the nights change and the breeze become softer.

I love this time of year! Baking my pies going for walks with my Poodles and all the out door things I love to do in the coolness of the day. But mostly I love sitting on my porch with my Poodles  sipping Hot Coco in my sweets and appreciate  all that Mother Earth has to offer Why because I too am Wiccan

Enjoy your fall


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