Thursday, September 06, 2012

The Silent Bully

This can be a very delicate subject. Why? Because it is dealing with peoples emotions and feelings. Cyber Bullying or as I call it  Silent Bullying can be as lethal and painful as the person or persons on the street or kids on a playground picking or making fun or telling stories

I recently had a post of the ever so famous face book which  read concerning Political opinions concerning the current presidential election an acquaintance wrote on her wall that she was tired of all the comments made and basically to keep them to one self and she was sick and tired about reading a food menu and that a car was recent vacuumed out or going out to dinner. From there many comments came about including mine however the comments became mean and I felt were directed toward me as I usually post about my family gatherings which includes dinners and holidays how can I not think that those comments were not directed towards me it was cruel and these are adults some are trainers and dog handlers I was surprised

Learning to pick your friends carefully on any internet social web page must be done carefully. I'm sure as parents govern what our children do especially on the internet. But do we govern ourselves? UNfortunately I did not. But the wonder of the internet and any social web page you have the option to delete especially on face book.

I love reading  about all of  my friends accomplishments with there children dogs and other family members as well as friends. They certainly are not restricted on what they can write so perhaps a little house keeping is in order. They can post what they want but I can't without some type of negative comments in regards to my post then it becomes everyone jumping on the band wagon thus becoming a verbal bashing bringing out the best in "Silent Bullying."My point I am trying to make is be aware of how you come across on the internet. and on your social websites pick careful your friends they should be supportive of your accomplishment. So what if you have a political opinion this is an important time of year and we should vote and should pay attention .

I hope those reading this blog have not been a victim of Cyber Bullying or Silent Bulling and if you have or you now someone that has, I hope you have removed them it is as easy as a click away.


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