Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Call Me Absent Minded

Just recently I was on the phone ordering a new cell phone through my phone provider. Little did I know that in due of this process a simple thing as your Drivers Licences could fall into the pits of Lost and Found, only in this case better lost then found!

I'm usually very careful about things that I need but for some strange and UN usual reason my Drivers Licences has never fallen into that category. What I mean about this is for some  reason I either forget when to renew  or it is stored  in the ever ending bottom of the pit  of receipts which lie in the bottom of my purse.

On this particular  morning I used my credit card for the perches of my new cell phone and they needed my Drivers licences number which I gave. When processing my credit card number their seem to be a issue with the zip code so I got up and move to another room. Now at this point I could not remember if I placed my Licences back into my wallet or not? So, I did not think anything  of it until I had to drive my car. I could not find it anywhere.
I must of gone through my purse at least a hundred times as well as my wallet. Underneath my bed of which I took all the covers off making sure it did not slip under the Quilt.  Under the rugs in the dresser ect. My licences is just plane gone.Re tracing my steps from my bedroom to the computer room still no licences.

Where could this oh ever so needed Licences  be? Looking at my lovely youngest of my poodles Jacob I thought, Really? No, not Jacob so I looked under the couch and took all the pillows off .NO LICENCES!

I had to resort to the explanation  it is gone! Just plane gone. Ordering a new one was in order anyway as a address change was in order but Wow has the cost gone up from $10.00 to $25.00 a great leap in price so I bit the bullet and order on line. My new  Licences should be here in 10 days

The mystery is still waiting to be solved.  What happened to the Licences? And I still continue to look. I.m sure it will appear one day when I least expect it to but for now it is filed under missing.


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