Friday, September 28, 2012


On July 30 of this year I finally had my Arthroscope  on my right knee. Now lets be honest working in healthcare I pushed it to the limits as well as working all three of my poodles  in Obedience or Agility I finally had to stop the Agility as it became to hard for me and painful. 
The Recovery of my surgery has not been easy. In fact  it has been darn right painful but each days gets better and soon I will be back to work.

With my Therapy I have been able to increase my walking to a little over a mile a day and I take my boys with me so it has been a great accomplishment  But with all of the hard work I manage to fall again. Yes,fall. I was taking my one Poodle Evan out and I had him on the long line and I stepped into a small hole in the grass and down I went.Evan try to    blocked my fall so It made for a slight brake   but it hard for a 60 lbs Standard Poodle to brake a fall of a adult person so I fell. This upset Evan as he must of felt he failed at his job and Standard Poodles are very intelligent and sensitive to the needs of there handlers and owners so he licked my face and laid down next to me. After the pain went away I asked Evan to stand then I placed my left hand on his shoulders and he stood while I bent both my knees to get up. Yes it was painful but with the help of Evan I did it.Many hugs went to Evan and praises for his help and staying with me. 

Evan is such a awesome Poodle. In anything I do with him he shines and he is 100% with me  wither it is on the Agility Field, Obedience Ring or as my Service Dog  he is there. He is analytically incline .and  has Heart and spirit and eager to please.

Evan came to me when he was 3 years old. I already had his full litter mate Brother Thomas which I got at 8 months of age and was already 2 years of training in Agility. 
He remember his brother and from then on they have been close as they were when they were together in the litter. It was a full year before I started Evan in Agility. but now he shines.

All of us have stories to tell about there dog or cat or animal that is special in there life but with mine there seems to be more special days then not. All three of my boys have Qualities that shine and it is my job to bring them out to there fullest.

I was very happy that Evan was with me when I fell his UN conditional love made it easy for me to stand and to continue on.


 Loves to play with the Frisbee
 Evan & I at Barnes and Noble  book store with the Brevard Symphony  Orchestra
 just listening to the beautiful music
 with all three of my boys completing my forst mile walk after my knee surgery

Love this sign
great job on the
agility field

Evan just hanging out

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