Monday, August 15, 2011

Getting ready for my Above Ground Garden

The first two is my yard after weeding it

Here are some designs I am thinking off

Getting the soil ready for any garden is the key to a successful garden. Where I live it is hot and humid during the summer months which usually last from June until October this time is usually wet and humid filled with Tropical Storms and an occasional Hurricane warning so a summer garden is out of the question.

Sunday was a day that I knew I needed to weed and start to lay out my plane for a above ground vegetable and herbal garden. Adding a design that would have hagging as well as containers and framed out area for my veggies. My Soil is not the greatest so an above ground is my choice..

I do have some annuls that were planted last sping and are hagging in there but they will be removed come fall and a whole new group will be planted along with new soil.
The hardest part was weeding in the Florida heat of 96 and a heat index of 101 and very high humid I continue on a  quest to complete the task.

Finally I was done and able to see where my beds are going to go. It will be a small garden enough for a family of four.
 Once I harvest the lovely veggies it will be canning time looking forward to this a great deal.
I feel with the high cost of food and the issue with contamination it is the right time to start harvesting my own and sharing with my family and friends.

But for now I can only plane, prepare , design and watch the weather for storms for  we are in the heigth of Hurricane Season.


Above  are some design I copied from the Internet that I may incorporate in my yard

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