Monday, August 15, 2011


Evan and I at Walmart

Evan came to me at the age of Three years old. He was the full litter mate brother of my Standard Poodle Thomas.
I had bought Thomas at the age of 8 months of age so I had completed the hair raising puppy stage. Evan, I received when they both had turned Three taking Evan off the hands of the breeder who had just lost her Mom in a sudden death.

Evan was special and so full of love and devotion from the moment I brought him home and  quick to embrace to his full brother Thomas was amazing.
It took a year before I ever attempted the training of agility with him. There was a whole new world for  him to explore and he was eager to achieve it.
I do remember his first go at agility foundation work lots of game playing and balance and his big factor trust!! On one small piece of equipment for strengt it took Evan over 20 min to even put  his front paw on the equipment. Now he has earned his title in K9 CPE level 1 and ended last season with Qualifying scores in Level 2 and will soon start his agility career in AKC Novice Agility.
 What I am trying to write about is the Heart, Spirit and his  willingness to please.

Getting older I have developed really bad knees bone on bone on both and very arthritic. I am facing total knees and my runs in agility are getting harder and harder with increase pain. I decided to teach Evan as my Service Dog
 allot of the back ground Evan already had Agility really teaches a dog allot if they are taught the foundation work.
Evan knows how to go back forward pivot Right and left to side and heel. and understand his release word Evan is great for my balance

The other evening I joined six of my friends for a dinner at a restaurant in Vero Beach I took Evan and when we were seated Evan imedntly laid down at my side. As the other guest arrived Evan was calm and relaxed but focused on me. Three hours had come and gone and it was time for  us to leave when I went to get up my knees locked never ever having this happened I froze bent over Evan imedently went behind me and stood to his side in case I would of fallen back. The manager came over and help me up the rest of the way. I was so embarrassed as this has never happened before but I was also proud of Evan for trying to help. The manager complimented Evan and at that point Evan walked beside me in the most regal way exciting the resturant

Service Dogs are special in every way as they seem to sense what is correct for you. Evan does not pick up things but can turn a light on and open handicap doors as I taught  him  but it is not necessary for me

I still continue his agility training  as I do  his brother Thomas for agility season is vastly approaching   Continue freshening there obedience and  enjoy my  walks with  my boys knowing that my knees will be replaced but for now I have one more agility season to complete.


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