Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Fun Saturday August Morning

 A great sign for Italian Ice  Cream Shop
 I loved her display for her cupcakes at the Farmers Market
 The Old Sunrise Theatre
 I managed to stop in at my favorite Antique Shop in Vero Beach
 An Adorable Vintage Suite Case
 I really liked this 1950s Patio Set
 This was always my favorite Beach Humesten Beach
My Favorite Road
Painted Bunted Road in Vero Beach  the Live Oaks just wrap around the whole street

A Fun Saturday Morning!!

Wow what a busy morning. It first started off with house cleaning. After of which I walked my Three Standard Poodles. Thomas Evan and the youngest Jacob. As usual it was a hot and humid August morning and I wanted to get my boys walked before it became to UN bearable.

After the walk it was off to the Farmers Market I wanted to pick up some Lavender Soap for my Laundry Soap and pick up some veggies and bread so I thought I will bring my camera as you never know what you may find.

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