Saturday, August 06, 2011

An August Saturday Morning

It started off a great Saturday morning minus the heat and humid in Sunny Florida. I was at the beach by 7 and  It was already hot and humid lets say 89! I had all three of my boys with me and they enjoyed the comfort of there crates in the AC. My youngest one Jacob had not really seen the ocean so this was going to be a real experience for him since he is on the shy side. My other two boys Thomas & Evan are old pros.
Arriving it was hot and humid as I got out of my van I thought I would take Thomas out first. As I figured he was so excited and rearing to run so it was hard to keep him at bay but he finally settled and enjoy the ocean. I then took Evan and he rally loved it. He watched the ocean and the few folks who were enjoying the early morning Sun and heat.
When taking Jacob out he was excited and very eager to meet his new adventure until the City ground keeper came by with a very loud garbage can which he was dragging around. I kept very calm and every time Jacob look at the individual I rewarded him with a treat thus after a short time he realized it was just noisy so he Begin to look at me. Once he was comfortable I walked him around then with lots of treats for him he was settled and back into the van.

The heat started to get to intense so I thought it was time to head home. The drive was a pleasant one as I took the coastal highway and soon we arrived home.
I had plane to take Evan Antiquing but with the heat it was best he stayed home. I did not go as plane but instead my sister and I ran to the farmers market where it was buzzing with folks. I wanted to get some fresh veggies for tonight's Homemade Fettuccine but there was very little as we got there too late.
A Latino band was playing great  Latin music and it was wonderful it made you forget the heat folks were dancing and  I managed to get some pics
My sister even spoke to a pooch inside a stroller.

Leaving to head to Nelson Market for some veggies it was a quick dash for a few things ending in a wonderful morning
Truthfully as hot as it was I really did 't notice it


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