Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Homemade Ravioli

What better way and Fun then to make Homemade Ravioli. My Mom use to make it when we were kids however she was not Italian but German she was taught by my dads to sister My Aunt Gloria and Aunt Louise so she learned form the best

In this recipe it is very old fashion there are faster ways to make this but I only have the old equipment me my Moms baking rolling pen and a small wine glass. So lets get started!!

You will need:


 2 cups of good ricotta Cheese
1/2 cup of Fontanel Cheese
1 tbs of black pepper
1 tsp of salt
2 lg eggs
1/2 cup of fresh or dried parsley

mix well and wrap in serum wrap  and chill in refrigerator

Ravioli Dough..

2 cups of all purpose Flour
pinch of salt
2 tbs of extra virgin  olive oil
2 eggs

on a flat surface or a wooden bowl place flour and form a well in the center
brake your eggs and place inside
add salt and oil
mix with fork the eggs then with your hands add the outside of the flour slowly incorporating all of the flour until completely mix
form into  a ball and Knead a good strong 10 min using the palm of your heads
After kneading cut dough and warp in Saran wrap and rest dough for 30 min OR so
take out and roll dough on a heavy floured service until it is the size of a dime make sure you get the center as well as the edges tend tp be thinner
once rolled out take your wine glass or cutter and cut into even portions as you need two for each Ravioli
place a small amount of filling on every other one and form edges so the pasta looks like a UFO then taking your knife press very hard on all the edges to seal

you can freeze or cook right away you also can use other fillings
A great project for Moms little helper in the Kitchen
Have fun and Enjoy


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