Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lets go to the Farmers Market!!

What a way to start your Saturday morning then a trip to the farmers market. Usually when ever I go I always say to my self that it only is going t be a short trip but that never happens. I t ends up a morning event and at this time of year that is pretty good as I hate being out in this heat!

Ft Pierce Florida where I live offers this great farmers Market.10 years ago it started out very small now it has grown to a huge Saturday regular divided by, vegetable plant and food section to crafts books jewelry and even some vintage textiles.At any event there has to be something for everyone including your four legged family member.

I love the different smells and aromas of everything and the eye catching booths with lots of fresh veggies. Orchards plants in bloom. Fresh herbs line the pathways to your choice and always smiles and friendly greetings from strangers you meet.

The Ft Pierce farmers Market is located right off the Indian River waterway  and is surrounded by beautiful walkways and fountains. The Ft Pierce Marina is nestled right off to the side of the market with great water ways  cafe and restaurants. Down the road from the Market is the well know Bacchus musume home of the famous Highway Men Paintings.

So wither you are planning a Saturday Night Dinner and want something fresh the Farmers Market is the place to shop


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