Saturday, July 23, 2011

Jacob a Sensative Poodle

Jacob came to me last June as a Bright and Beautiful Standard Poodle. You might be thinking? What is she crazy? She has two others Thomas and Evan. Yes folks that is true. But I thought one more would and I could correct the mistakes I made along the way with my first Standard Poodle in agility but sure enough Jacob is a whole different Poodle.

He was shy from the begging and coming home to two large standards and two Shelties plus 3 cats was a bit over whelming so his intruding to the family was a slow process Looking back at everything I did it correctly and very happy I did .

It was a good 30 days before I really started working with Jacob mostly it was getting use to everything Different smells.and removing him from his litter mates was a big adjustment. Jacob took to allot of my basic easy methods right away but I notice he was really shy around folks he did not know so I realized I had my work cut out

The one thing that I have realized is I could not put any pressure on him as he would fall apart even when making a game of it he would shut down so I did not introduce him to anything new until he was ready.

From 3  months of age to now 13 months he has developed into a sturdy boy and having him neutered has helped. As he got older I started some small agility games which he took to right away but not applying pressure he seem to have fun but if someone came in the ring that was not suppose to he would worrier. I saw that I needed help with him as he was becoming too shy so I asked the help of a Local Dog Behaviorist and took classes from her and her team of experts WOW he has come out and his becoming a confident dog

Allot has to do with personality on the dog and how the owner response to the behavior I really liked how Cissy handled the behavior of Jacob always positive and rewarding the moment he showed a bit of confidence. Jacob has a lot of body language which most dogs do so it was very easy and important  to read how he was processes of what was taking place it was my job to be ready to reward the good and change the weary.

One might think why didn't I  take him to lots of busy places and let lots of folks pet and handle him? Wrong!! Taking him to the invoirment such as that can only hinder a dog. Taking him for long walks and allowing him to see busy things from a distance worked best for Jacob. Along the way I would always incorporate some obedience exercises and it worked he seemed to build his confidence and start to trust.

It came a time when I had to separate him from the pack in working Jacob he became to dependent on them to protect him so walking all the dogs together came to a halt which truthfully was better for all the dogs walking and working one dog at a time is better for them as well as me

Jacob has and is still maturing and developing in a positive nature I have only Cissy Of Best Behavior and her team of trainers I know understand and have learned and still learning how to help Jacob become a stronger and more confident Dog I mean who Knows he just might be my next Agility Star

Always Lydia

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