Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Where Shall I begen

Let me see... Where shall I Begin? How about the middle of November! I had just had surgery at the end of October on my knee from a slip and fall from work which surgery was successful but painful. Mind you, I still had to care for my three lovely standard poodles Thomas Evan and Jacob. Moving around on crutches it was a nightmare but I did it. My Parents were a great help but to manage the poodles was hard for them so it was up to me and Jacob just thought the crutches were a joke so at times I had to hobble without my crutches which I might add was painful As the month of November pressed on so did the coming of my favorite Holiday Thanksgiving!! But a week before was Thomas first AKC Agility Trial of course I was unable to run him so a trainer and friend Olaf Brell ran him and for his first AKC trial he did awesome but I notice he was a bit under the weather. He never was a big drinker of water especially at trials but he was all to quiet. The next few day proved to be a nightmare. Thomas began to vomit and become shockey I then on Tuesday morning called my vet office and brought him right in Yes folks my big guy had obstructed.My regular Vet was out of town on a conference so his associates handle his surgery and it was a success!! They were able to remove the objects before it traveled into the bowel... Of course this did not stop Thanksgiving from it arrival and with Thomas just home from having major surgery and me on crutches I manage to pull of a fabulous dinner. After the guest left Thomas develop bad acid reflux and aspirated into his lungs so it was another trip back to the vets and at this time my vet was back and took over the case. Relieved, Thomas was x-rayed from head to toe and found the fluid on his lungs to major antibiotics for him and a very large glass of wine for me... I should of canceled Thanksgiving dinner but I did not it was very hard on me and too mush for Thomas he needed rest and quiet a lesson well learned. Timed marched on Thomas December trial was CX and I could not run Evan so it was getting ready for the Winter Solstice and Christmas . My Knee was on the mend and so was Thomas. I decorated the house and place my reefs outside and planned my Christmas menu. Had a lovely Christmas gathering when my cousin from New Hampshire arrived and we all gathered it was so nice... Then it happened, Two days before Christmas we were robbed!!! Yes robbed everything was taken,including my old standard poodle Timothy ashes this broke my heart it devastated both my sister and I our beautiful home was trashed!!! I did cancel Christmas dinner and since my sister had to work I sat at home by myself with my phone in my hand and lots of fear. How did we get robbed with all of my dogs? They were at the groomers so they must of been watching us leave. Allot has happened since then. I back running my own dogs for agility back at work and my knee has healed quite well. My sister and I are recovering from our robbery and little by little the things we lost are being replace. But the one thing that cannot be replace is the loss of Timothy. he can't be replace. And as far as the robber? He sits in jail waiting his judgement.

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