Saturday, April 16, 2011

Our Family from Boston

It is always a joy to have our family from Boston come to visit. Especially for our dad. He and his sister are very close.The countdown started when our cousin called and said she had booked her tickets and were planning a trip to Florida...

April was the target month as it gets them out of the cold damp New England weather.

Family is very important to me however it is always hard to gather everyone as it is like herding cats we all have such busy lives bit the unique thing with our family we all seem to understand.

The day finally arrived our family was here. I drove up in our driveway and saw my cousin unloading the trunk of her rental car and had to laugh as only family will do bring lots of stuff for you to treasure Food Paper Towels things but it did not matter I was so happy to see them .

Our Aunt look wonderful in her early 80s she was full of life and my cousin never ages it must be the New England Sun or lack of it.

Our Dad called and they were on there way up.. We order the Pizza and broke open the wine and played Italian music. It was so much fun even my poodles jumped in.

My Aunt and Cousin are true dog lovers my cousin having a awesome Standard Poodle name Lilly truly enjoyed my boys and it was nice that my Poodles could be around my family from Boston in fact my Aunt spoke Italian to my one Poodle Jacob and he just sat there quietly and listen.

Several dinner were planned and enjoyed. Much fun was had but it had to all come to a end as it was time for them to go home.My Cousin and Aunt climbed back into there rental car left for the airport and our now nestled back in the home in Boston. I miss the both of them all ready.

Our house is quiet all the dishes put away. My baking has stopped and a quiet weekend is planned. I look back and and will always remember my dad smile and laughing, My Aunt speaking Italian and my dear cousin a comfort to have in my home there memories always in my heart forever



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