Sunday, August 01, 2010

Summer Vacations

Summer Vacations!

Summer is almost over and soon kids will be back in school telling stories of their summer adventures. Summer is a time to relax spend time with family and friends travailing to far off places or to near places.But mostly a time to regroup.

For myself I use this time to work on projects coming from the south and the tropics somehow a curse or a trip to the Islands just is not my fancy! But a Clambake on the shores of Cape Cod or Ferry Boat ride to Wale watch off Gloucester is fine by me and very relaxing! But truthfully some of my best vacations were relaxing at home and sleeping in.
Growing up I can remember going to North Florida for a week of Silver Springs Six Gun Territory and hiking in Ocala's National Forrest but after a week of all of Glass Bottoms Boats. Gun Fights at the OK Coral it was so nice to come home to sleepy Vero Beach to our own beautiful sandy beaches of the Atlantic Ocean.
Now days family's spend a fortune on vacations especially if you plane a trip to our Florida's very own Disney World which can and is very expensive. The last time I was at Disney in the Magic Kingdom is was 9.99 for Florida residents now it is almost 100 Wow! I don't know how they do it?But somehow standing in line in the heat of Florida's summer is not my idea of having fun so it was not a top priory for me.

Summer is a Magical time and differently a brake for kids in school. Summer Camp can and is a fun thing to do lots of activities for all at heart and a good brake for Mom & Dad and lets not forget the Family Reunions. How wonderful is that? Picnics and lots of spending time at the beach lake or pool Summer is diffidently a more lay back time of year.

So weather you are spending your Summer Vacation in some far off place or just painting your living room make it the best summer vacation you have ever had and one that you will always remember!


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