Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bringing My New Standard Poodle Puppy Home

Yes I went and did it I brought a Standard Poodle Puppy home Why because it was time.
He is from Black Tie Standard Poodles of Ocala Fl and is well bred however his color is just a tad off so he cannot be shown in the Breed Ring and that is OK with me.

His name is Jacob and is full of life. He is 3 months old and just starting his new life and sharing it with my two other boys Thomas & Evan.
Is it easy? No!!! it is a lot of work and worry.There is a lot to do and to be careful with. we are now learning to be crate trained and that was a big process but he is getting pretty good and feeling safe he knows his crate.

We are now enrolled in a Puppy class so he will be joining two other puppies but there is one small problem we have to drive and Wow does he get car sick so I was told by several people to give him some Ginger which I am going to do. Sometimes it is just hard growing up!

Now how do my older boys take to this new venture? Thomas seems to take the big brother roll he tends to watch over Jacob more then Evan. My other boy Evan is more leery of him and so I have to watch him carefully and Jacob seems to be very respectful of both boys. but they are always supervised. I make sure all of my dogs get equal time. When I play with the puppy my boys are put up in my room as play increases drive and you can get into trouble as they could pounce on Jacob and hurt him. When it is time for my boys Jacob is out in his crate then is all of us just hanging out and that is always nice

I took everyone to Dog Paws Agility Fun Run and we all had a good time especially Jacob who enjoyed seeing all the dogs and meeting new wagging tails and happy smiling faces it was a good outing just wish it was not so hot!

This is exciting times, fun times and times of great learning. Bringing a puppy into a home of older dogs can be trying however it is a good time to learn different behaviors and to interact on all of them. I k now it is going to be a challenge but what isn't? I look forward to each day and when I come home from work and see all my boys happy and a bouncing happy puppy poodle it is well worth the effort.


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