Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter Sunday With my Family Our Menu

What a better way to spend Easter Sunday but with family. Up early brewing the coffee and a moment of quiet time for respect for such a spiritual day. Music quietly playing in the background and finally sipping on my coffee.

Aw the Easter Sunday Dinner let me get the table set and arrange all of my china the smell of the java throughout the house puts you in such a mood of wanting to cook. What will the menu be? Lamb. Ham or a lovely Easter Brunch?
I had ponder for several Weeks what my menu was going to be. Usually I fix Lamb but with my Dads sister and our cousin arriving from Boston I wanted it to be special as this is the first Holiday we have spent together. I went from Lamb to Ham to Lamb to my Italian red sauce back to Lamb on and on and on so finally I had to make a choice and it is Ham yes and I have not baked a Ham in 30 years so there you go a challenge!!
I went on line and found a recipe that I thought would make your mouth water. My father found a recipe as well but I went with my old recipe and my sister bought the most beautiful Ham on sale of course.
Finally our Aunt and cousin arrived and they looked wonderful both having a death in the family can be hard our Aunt loosing her Son of 50 years to a massive stroke and his sister heart broken left to take care of their Mom both strong in mind in spirit and here with us on this Holiday.
My Aunt had made some awesome Italian cookies and gave the recipe to me I never tasted the most delicate of cookies that just melted in your mouth and with that old Italian flavor topped off with a cup of coffee is wonderful.
Now our family is together My father is so happy that his sister is here and my sister and I are so happy that our Cousin is here what a wonderful way to share such a warm feeling on such a special spiritual day and lets not forget my boys Thomas & Evan are enjoying there company Gail my cousin is such a animal lover having a Standard Poodle herself my Boys are getting lots of hugs and kisses and treats and lets not forget my sister sheltie Shy her rescue has warmed up to Gail but who could not she is such a warm and Kind person they are all getting spoiled.
Now My Easter Menu
Baked Ham
Home made Scalloped Potato
Asparagus with lemon sauce
Herbal Spring Salad
Pizza Dolce (Sweat Italian Pie)
With all the beauty of spring and getting everything ready for the Holiday with a drop of a hat it will be over the holiday gone for another year but one thing is for sure family is here forever and that is a long time Enjoy your holiday and give blessing to your family and cherish them well
Have a Wonderful Easter

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