Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Responsibility of a Pet

The Responsibility of a Pet

Now this is a very important topic as so many family's as well as those that do not have family go and buy or rescue ether a dog or cat to fill the void in one life. Is this a good or bad thing? Some how this can be a very tricky question? Why? Because there are so many different takes on this.

My first and up most is the care of the pet no matter what it is first off lets talk about the Nutrition of your pet. For myself I have search many avenues for having performance dogs such as my Standards Poodles and shelties nutrition is a important factor. I looked at feeding Raw and found that this is the best however it is costly so I research Organic food and found the best out there for my dogs and cats and you do not have to feed as much.

When looking for a proper food I ruled out any food that had by products or grains any grain even brown rice dogs are carnivorous and do not need grains but can have fruits and veggies. What I did learn that when feeding fruits and veggies it had to be like a past and only requiring a tablespoon at feeding. Oils are very important and omega oils are the best.

Now some folks would say "Hay it is only a dog or cat" Yes this is true but you brought it home to take care of so guess what!!! You are responsible for its care and nutrition is so important!!

Exercises!! Oh Yea now that is important. From the smallest to the largest especially dogs need activity. Cats well that is a different subject a fun game for your cat is having him hunt for his food. Let your cat sniff out his or her food make it fun especially for a kitten they love the hunt as it is just as much a sport to them as it is necessary.

Activity for the dog is very important so many people do not work there dogs.Taking your dog for a walk or light run ( Weather Permitting) is so important and if you have a performance dog like we do they require much more for retainment as well as keeping in shape.

Now lets talk about expense. Yes they are expensive!!!! Mine cost me a fortune but it is worth it to me. Having a breed that requires lots of grooming it is costly but it is a breed that I like so yes it adds up.Just like anything there is the cost of food grooming dog education and owner education and Vet expensive.

Dog Education!!!! Very important. Most people get there puppy and bring it home and WOW it is into everything. Why it is a puppy and it is boared so it is up to you to puppy proof your home and start teaching your pooch. In my training there are tons of games to teach your puppy all leading to behaviors that are so important as the puppy grows up for example I was in the vets office with my two Standards and both are on leash and sitting on both sides of me. Everyone that came in allowed there dogs to come over and sniff my boys which I do not care for as the dogs are stressed and not happy about being there. The owners were not paying attention and were to busy talking and looking around I got up and moved so my boys would feel safe and not disturbed There was no connection between them and there dogs so no wonder!! Keep connected to your pets reward them for being good they need you especially in stressful situations!!

Rescuing!! Now this can be a rewarding experience but a great responsibility. Dogs that are rescued really want to be a part of your family or pack!! But it takes time usually these dogs are so grateful for having a second chance and try very hard to make you and your family happy. Some dogs take right away to there new home while some do not. Find out as much as you can about the dogs past to help with the transition. And remember it needs to stay with you and your family for at least 30 days at home at home at home why do I say this as so many dogs have ran away and have never been found.

Add distraction slowly when taking your time you will have a pet that is better balanced and happy then a stressed out dog with destructive behavior.

I think I have covered much of the major topics of you and your pets. If you follow the basic rules which are safety nutrition love and education for both you and your dogs. In return, you will have a pooch that give you UN conditional love forever!!

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