Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Wow I just got a Puppy!!

Yes you finally did it you went out and got yourself a beautiful Puppy. Full of life and fun to be with. A long and loving friend and Camp ion for you and your family but now that you got it and brought it home what on earth were you thinking off? A puppy and yes a young one at that.How on earth am I ever going to take care of this young and beautiful dog? What things do I need? What do I need to feed my pooch and Oh yes who will I have for a Vet? These are many questions which are quit normal and most frequent asked. So not to worry here are some basic tips on your first puppy. Lets get started!

Here is a small outline and then I will discuss each factor.

You want to establish who is your Veterinarian: It is so important to find a good Vet who is locally and who you can trust and can help with all of your pooches needs and one that is affordable.

Keep accurate health records this is good for you and keeps your dog on track

Diet!! I cannot stress enough about proper diet it is so important what food should you feed and what to stay away from. Truthfully there are allot of good foods out there but you want to stay away from food that you can buy in a grocery store and you want to feed Organic Why because there are no grains fillers and good amounts of a balance diet that is so important. Many of the big handlers that I know feed raw but lets face it you really need to understand and pay attention to what you are doing and it is very expensive if you have a large dog so organic is the nest best choice I feed Orijen a food out of Canada and it is rated #1 in the nation for being the best food out there it has everything that a dog needs especially a puppy I suggest you go on live and com pair read about raw oraganing the whole thing this way you choose what you think is te best food and what you can afford.

Here are some names of foods that I recommend

Orijen Puppy formula


Taste of the wild

How much should I feed? measuring the food is very important you don't want a over weight dog or puppy so small amounts several times a day never feel large amounts at one time a puppy should eat several small meals 3 4 times a day to equal its total daily ration once puppy grows you can reduce to 2 a day.

House Training: Now that can be a challenge but you have to remember a puppy especially a young one cannot hold is business for very long periods of time so you want to take out your pooch as much as possible. many times throughout the day after and before all meals after and before any car rides before naps bedtime or just when you think about it and always to the same spot a quiet area why because there are to many distractions that scare your pooch and use a word like lets go poddy and when puppy goes reward with a treat like a small piece of cheese or a piece of his or her kibble always carry treat on you!! and be quick with your rewards.

Do I reprimand my puppy if he has a accident in my house well lets put ot this way the old method of rubbing your pooches face in the mess is a big NO you have to expect accidents to happen so you have to figure out why always look at yourself and trust me you will find the answerer

Toys: You are going to think that this is mean and that my dogs are not allowed to play but that is not the case here is why Never leave toys around for any puppy or dog Why because they can get hurt and ingest which can cause a obstruction and that means surgery!! Plus you need to play with you puppy and there are lots of games you can play which adds fun to you and your pooch but also teaches a dog and a puppy. Now I have h erd some owners say my pooch won't play with me well that is because you don't know how to play so you are boring to your pooch!!Play is vital to you and your pet and as the pups grows so will he or she bond with you.

What toys can my puppy or dog have laying around? This is a easy answer no toys but they can have bones or Kongs such as a Nylon Bone STAY AWAY FROM RAW HIDE BONES VERY DANGEROUS!! Choose a Nylon Bone that is right size for your puppy and Kong they can have this all day long this helps with there need to chew all dogs love to chew and it is very important for there development of there teeth. Later you can introduce raw bones which I feed dogs love it and it keeps your dental bill down as a raw bone have a natural enzymes that keep the tarter off the teeth

Crate Training Now that is very important a puppy should start now learning that his or her crate is a safety and neutral zone now you may experience that puppy may cry once placed in a crate lets think about this are you putty your puppy in a crate that is isolated from where you are and your family? Dogs need solicalation I always had my dogs crates in my bedroom so at night they were in my room with me.

There are lots of fun crate games you can play with your puppy to teach that crates are a good and safe place to be

When to start obedience class? You can start your teaching now here but remember he is a baby and so don't expect much but most important have fun with your puppy don't be a boar. Carry treats on you healthy treat not the bad ones best is your dogs kibble a couple of kibble in pocket and usually puppy will offer a behavior such as sit as soon as he does give him a treat and say good boy or girl if he lies down reward if he comes to you reward you don't have to ask as he will offer soon you can give all of these behaviors names but for now it is not important Patience is the key there are games that teach your puppy all of the behaviors which you can learn the standard boring obedience class is not for me or my dogs my boys have learned to be on all sides of me and sit stand lie down and never moved until I release them this is from basic handler and dog skills it is not hard but if you start now you can be assured it will be easy when puppy gets older.

I have discussed several important topics and I hope it has helped the important topic is to have fun with your puppy as you grow so will your pooch take care and Have Fun!!


Lydia Thomas & Evan

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