Saturday, February 13, 2010

Loss of a family member

It is always hard when a death accures within your family or close circle of friends but what really hurts when it is a family member that you have not seen or herd in for years for reason caused by change and or distance. Does it make it hard? Yes for me it does however sometime there are circumstances that do not allow the closeness.

The hard part for me is that he left behind a Mom a Sister a wife and two children. How does this happen he was so young!!

We lost our Mom in her prim of her life 52. I saw what it did to my Grandmother it took her life as well. I cannot judge the fact that my Aunt will not recover or his sister our cousin but I do understand the odds. When a family member dies it takes a part of those we love.

My cousin and I had lost touch after many years of distance caused by the whims of change. We had grown in different directions both leading loving and productive lives he having a beautiful and wonderful family and myself having a family that is that of old but new beginnings.

His life was full of family and work thus because of the distance we grew apart he not accepting or wanting to understand the reason why I accept the outcome.This does not mean I did not love my cousin it meant that I gave him the freedom to not include me into his world but the loss of him has sadden me that I could not tell him that I loved him.

I accept and respect what has happen and have wish my cousin Eddie well on his way into the after life and hope that his wife and Children find the comfort that they will need. I am there for my Aunt and is sister our other cousin and know that through them I can see the joy of my Aunts Son and my cousin brother.


Lydia Thomas & Evan

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