Thursday, February 11, 2010

Florida's Beautiful February Weather

February in Florida has always been my favorite time of year! Especially at Sunset. The West Coast of Florida has some of the most beautiful sunsets.
I loved living in Sarasota while attending school for my career as a Surgical Technologist! I have such wonderful memories of Sarasota such as the Ringling Brothers School of Art, The Ringland Museum and of course the Sarasota Theater company and Opera society But what I truly enjoyed was the end of the day dangling my feet in the white sands of the gulf and looking at the most breath taken Sunset the West Coast of Florida had to offer!!

The air is usually dry and cool with wind that is tame for this time of year makes sitting outside such a delight in Florida. I loved sipping on a glass of wine and not having to think of a thing except how beautiful the sunset was. How inviting the water is as the gulf laid calm with its beautiful dark green color and pearly white sand.

I can truly say that Florida has the most beautiful and inviting sunset and with March just in front of us I'm enjoying what Florida has to offer its Natural and raw beauty its taming waters and it Gorgeous sunsets its peaceful moments of early morning dew make Florida living hard to leave


Lydia Thomas & Evan

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