Tuesday, February 09, 2010

A Valentine Greeting

Ahh it is that time of year when hearts are flying and love is in the air! Bow & Arrow are pointed and Bhamm where will it hit?To the love of my life? or to the secret person that I have admired? Oh where will that pesty arrow land?

For years this has been one of the most busy and seductive holiday throughout the year. Now some will say Mothers Day but if you think about it this is the time that all of those little secrets come out and you can send little cards candy flowere song a gram ect and you don't even have to say where it has come from. yea that is a holiday for me. I don't have to sign my name! Now lets see, Who do I admired? Gosh the list goes on for ever. There are lots of people I admire. Now what about Love!!!!! Yes I love my parents sister and of course my pooches

. Do I receive candy flowers a song a gram? Nope not even a male stripper!! (hug) No all kidding a side it is a fun time and a great little holiday however this holiday should be shared all year round.I mean I admit I love getting those old Valentine Cards in school Gosh I still look for the cards the one you can only find in Antique stores.Yea this holiday should be shared all year round but you have to admit it is more fun and exciting getting the dozen roses at work or the diamond ring or yea even the Hallmark Card that sings to you!! But when all is said and done. reservations made flowers sent candy eaten all that is left is you and him or he and you or us and them what ever!!!!My point is after all is said and done this is a holiday that should be celebrated all year round!!

So where is that pesty arrow going to land? Hopefully right straight into your hearts for a very long time

Have a great Happy and loving Valentines Day



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