Sunday, December 16, 2012

My Christmas Story

My Christmas Story

In my childhood I can remember so clearly my one White  Christmas. We were living in Saugus Mass I was only but 5 years of age and my dreams of Santa Clause were real.
It was Christmas Eve and it was predicted to snow yes the Boston area was getting ready for its long over due White Christmas. We lived in a modest home in the outskirts of Boston Mass and our house sat on a hill beside a brook
I remember how excited I was to finally   see a white Christmas as coming from FL this would be a real treat.

Our Christmas Tree was up and I remember it was a real Tree. The smell of the pine needles filled the air it gave such a warm feeling of the Holiday Time.
Every Christmas Mom always made a point to put out Cookies carrots and something warm for Santa to drink on the front porch this puzzled me as I just could not understand since we did not have a fireplace how on earth would Santa bring the gifts? Mom Answer was always simple " Through the front door that is h ow Santa will come not to worry "  I went with Mom to put out the treats  for Santa  it was getting dark and the snow was starting  to fall  both my sister and I were so excited! Tomorrow was Christmas.

It was getting late and both Mom and Dad thought it was best that my sister and I go to bed knowing that I would be up very early but I was so set on watching the snow fall and the brook slops covered itself  in a white blanket of snow  it was too hard for me to even think about sleeping. Finally I went to bed. I keep talking to my sister about what Mom had put on the front porch and tipping  toeing to the front door peeking to see if the goodies were still there.

Drifting off and a half sleep it had to be around 3 am I herd a sound like the door closing I jumped out of bed ran to our bedroom window and looked it was still snowing but I did not see the treats left for Santa I ran as quietly as I could to the front door opened it stepped out and saw everything was gone just the empty plate the Thermos was empty I turned and went back into the house and tried to wake my sister but she was fast asleep. Out the front  door and down the walkway I went! Looking up at the sky all I could see was snow falling on my face no trace of Santa anywhere. I turned back to the walkway and saw the largest foot prints ever in shape of a boot I followed it all the way up to the front porch then back to the street. On My I thought it is still snowing and the foot prints are not going away .

I stood out there for as long as I could watching the snow fall and the foot prints remaining securely in  place finally I had to go inside my hands were as cold as the white snow flakes falling. I then quietly climbed back into my warm bed and waiting to here anymore noise but only the quiet remained.

I soon fell asleep and before I knew it my sister was waking me. "Its Christmas Morning and its Snowing"
Mom and Dad were up and I could smell Moms Coffee Perking. I quickly   ran and told Mom what I saw so we all went out to see. Nothing remained except for the empty containers but close to the front porch remained Santa Foot prints as clear as a bell   I was so excited! Mom Looked at Dad and they both smiled
and said
Merry Christmas !

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