Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas


There are so many faces of Santa Clause Father Winter but no matter what face he takes on he has the face of Love, Compassion, Joy and Forgiveness. Each of these qualities have some spiritual content. Have you been a good boy or girl? Have you been kind to your friends? All of these no matter what face you have for Santa  there is common ground.

At this time and for all time we need to keep these qualities close at bay for example Christmas Eve I had to run into Walmart to get some last minute baking items and I thought boy this is going to be a nightmare the store was packed! But as it turned out to be just the opposite. Yes the store was packed and the lines were long but there seemed to be a cheer that you usually do not see in Walmart.

I was over by the bake goods and there was a elderly man looking at cakes and he seemed really confused so I asked if I could help him? he nodded so I asked what he was looking for and he told me Pies I am in charge of pies . He pointed to a chocolate cake  I explained that it was a cake and I took him over to the pies. He thanked me and picked out a lovely Pecan Pie

Turning into the Cake Isle I saw a man and his wife he started to sing We Wish You a Merry Christmas and his wife joined in as did all of us in the isle non of us really new all of the words so there was a lot of fl la la la la
needless to say it was fun and full of merriment and a first for Walmart!

Good Qualities are  in all of us we just need to open the door. I hope your Christmas is of Warmth  Health and Peace.

Merry Christmas


Turning into the cake Isle

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