Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

I awoke very early but really no earlier then usual. With everything to do with this grand Holiday leaves very little time for sleeping in.
Sitting here and sipping on some fresh hot brewed coffee reflecting on everything that I have done to what else needs to be done I know that this quiet moment will be short lived.

For once we did not buy a huge turkey as in the past our turkeys have been 20 lbs  or more and for some reason all that Turkey leftover can be gruesome at  times. Oh Don't get me wrong I love turkey but not 20 lbs.
what I love to do on this special Holiday are my Pies! Apple, Pumpkin and Pecan are my favorite and I have finally perfect the Deep Dish. I usually do all the cooking and baking from the appetizers straight on through and love to set a beautiful table but this year I semi streamlined.  A little, I guess. You see I simple love this  Holiday so every time I say I am going to streamline I really don't it is usually just a lot of hot air. You see how I justify streamline this year was  a smaller turkey thus shaving off a hour of basting.
Some of my friends say why don't you get a self basting turkey? My usual replay is I love Martha Steward Recipe of her Turkey wrapped in cheese cloth basting every 30 min or so I always have the most tender turkey so yes it is work but it is well  worth it.

While I was shopping in the grocery store and looking for the cheese cloth asking the woman who was stocking the shelves where the cheese cloth was she told me and said Ah you are doing it using Martha Steward recipe? and I replied, Yes. She laughed and said I love it but my turkey caught on fire. I asked her if she based it as often as what was needed and she replied NO!  She told me that she  is no longer in charge  of the turkey her husband is.

There are many ways to roast a turkey everyone has a favorite recipe which usually has been handed down form generation to generation and everyone enjoys it almost no matter how it is cooked. So while I am sitting here writing to you in this quiet moment of the early morning with all of the things we do to make this Holiday so special remember to take a moment and give thanks for all the things you have in your life no matter how great or small they are all blessing and true gifts you have earned!

I hope you and your family have a Safe, Healthy and Warm Thanksgiving Holiday!


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