Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Pies Pies and More Pies

Summertime brings out the old time feeling of Pies yep summer pies they are so delicious and are always a big hit at a old time picnic or barbecue.

My favorite of all the summer pies is Peach. It is always juicy and sweet. You can't go wrong with a Peach Pie
My other favorite is Rhubarb it is both sweet and a touch of tart I just love it

 one of my ruit pies before baking
 this is one of my Blackberry Pie

My Peach Pie

Lets not forget the Berry Pies. Blueberry Blackberry and Mulberry great and sweet

So if you are planning a Family Picnic or Barbecue don't forget the pie you can't go wrong

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