Monday, March 05, 2012

Our Aunt Pat

Here is a woman who has endured so much in her life and never not ever complained. How do you begin to describe such a person?
or Aunt is a strong and compassionate person. She always places others before herself even in her most darkest time.. My Aunt has stage  four Ovary Cancer and is now 4 years in remission accept now the cancer has returned and is settled in her Brain. This is hard to except because people like my Aunt you want to live forever but sadly for non of us that is going to happen.

My Aunt has five children all grown with very busy lives they are extremely close to there mom and have not left her side since the beginning each one of them have inherited her compassion strength and love for life and strongly uphold her family values there mother has a strong believe in her Faith as do her children my sister and I are so blessed to have them in our lives

 Our Aunt does not feel any pain which for a cancer patient is a blessing she simply will go to sleep but for any of us knowing the end results it still is a hard way to go and understand I can only ask  the Gods to empower her children with strentgn and peaceful moments.

I don't like cancer and I don't believe anyone of us do it is a disease that creeps up on us and robs us of our most sacred strengths This I believe.. But My Aunt has always Kept her values and fought this monster with Gods largest sword her Faith and family

I have such good memories of my Aunt and my cousins which will be always in my heart forever  they fill my heart with such joy they are my family my Passion my love.


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