Sunday, February 05, 2012

Italian Red Seafood Sauce over Mussels & Pasta

This is My Homemade Italian Red Seafood Sauce served over Mussels and Pasta I made this Sunday night for my dinner and trust me there were no left overs

You will need

2 dozen mussels frozen all ready in butter and garlic
1 dozen scallops
1 dozen med shrimp skinned and cut up
1 Sm can of tomato paste
2 lg cans of tomatoes sauce
2 can of Italian season stewed tomatoes seasoned in garlic Basil and orangeno
1 cup of sugar
1 lg onion cut up
olive oil for frying onions
1 lb of Linguini or fettachhini
2tlbs sweet basil
2 tbs of powder garlic


In your sauce pot put olive oil and salte your onions
add tomatoes paste and melt down
add the rest of your sauce
add the rest of your spices and simmer low add sugar

add your seafood except for your mussels they are separate
allow sauce to simmer very slow or a couple of hours but no more remember on a low heat

In a separate sauce pan take frozen muscles and place in a sauce pan cook over low heat while boiling your pasta the muscle have there own sauce once muscle have been cooked and pasta is ready
place pasta in your pasta bowl add sauce to it and serve muscle over the past

This is really wonderful meal and easy to make


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