Monday, October 24, 2011

The Florida Rose!

Florida Roses have been around for a very long time and have taken on almost all of the major rose groups such as, climbers, trees shrubs, and of course the standard rose bush.
Being a Gardener myself and have grown some of the most beautiful Florida Roses I can honestly say they are not cheap by any means. Plan on spending around $50.00 a bush depending on its type but it is well worth the investment as Florida especially in southern part the soil is mostly sand but that is OK for the Florida Rose  as this fine flower has been grafted and rooted for such a event as Florida Soil.
Some nursery in Florida will carry the Florida Rose and mostly they come from a well know nursery called Nelsons this nursery is family owned and has been around for a very long time grafting and growing some of the richest and finest Florida Roses one can imagine!!!The one thing that I love about this rose stock that it is very adaptable to Florida's climate and soil with little work involved their life expectancy is a very long time and just keep producing the most fragrant flowers one can imaging

So if you life in Florida and love to garden and have had little luck with roses Try the Florida Rose I think you will be amazed and surprised how well they do


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