Sunday, September 11, 2011

Where was I on Sept,11

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I think all of us can remember where we were and how we found out about that day on September 11 10 years ago. Even thou so many years have gone past and each year of  its anniversary the haunting memory still runs chills up my spine.

I was working in the operating room and it had started out like any normal morning. Getting all the patients for our 7 am starts and making sure all of the equipment is there and ready to be used. I was assigned to a latter case which I loved as this gave me extra time to get my room ready and making sure all of the final touches are made.
While in the central supply room. I was getting small items for my case when One of the Doctors Surgical Assistants approach me and informed me that a plane had hit the World Trade Center. Wow I said someone was off in the control tower.
I continue on with preparing for my case when going to the front desk the Chief of Surgery who happened to be operating that day  said The sound tower was hit at this point and shortly after it was determined we were under attack.

Surgery came to a halt. No new cases were started and the ones in progress finished out and set to recovery.Our Chief of surgery finally gave the OK to proceed on it was so hard to keep from talking to it in front of our patients but we did it.
One of our surgery's was CX as her husband was in the Pentagon OMG so said and frighting.

I was friends with a Agency Nurse she and I were running partners and we were planning on running that evening while walking out to the parking lot she said to me " This is going to change America" we decided to run a little earlier that evening as things were so UN settled.
While driving home listening to the radio I felt so afraid. Never in my life had I felt this was about our Country. Afraid! I was almost in a state of shock. Once home I turned on the television and watched I could not move I was mesmerized of what had happened to America. Before I knew it it was to meet Mary to run. So changed and off to the beach side for our Tuesday Run.

Our run was filled with the talk of what happened and Mary coming from a Military back ground talk about how in Germany where she was stationed how it was retinue to have a bomb check   under the car you were going to ride in. I just could not image.
We finished our run and said our goodbyes. We were schedule to work together on Wednesday in the operating room.

The morning came and I arrived at work. I went into the locker room and found Mary crying I said to her " Mary are you all right? We did not run that hard last night" She looked at me and said " My Aunt and Uncle were on the first plane that hit the world trade center" My heart fell to my feet it was as if time had stood still and the room was spinning. OMG Mary I am so sorry so sorry I gave her a hug and my own tears showed face. Why are you here? she explained that she could not reach her recruiter and our Hospital had to release her from her contract. Our Nurse Manager had arrived I went with Mary to tell our manager. Her face was of shock when told of Mary's News. Mary was released.

She had to drive to Alabama to pick up her children and wait in her home of any information from the airlines. I knew how painful it was going to be for her and her family. I told Mary if she needed to talk to call me no matter how late it is.
Mary came back to us 3 weeks later and we continued our runs together. One evening she stopped in the middle of our run and broke down and cried. I know they did not die right away they felt it they felt it!
Trying to comfort Mary and explain the science behind it I just felt at this point it was best  to let her grieve.

Ten years have past but the memory will never leave me. I know Mary was right 911 did change America. It made us stronger and Smarter it made us come together in a different like. Oh sure there are those that say  911 was a conspiracy. That I will never understand. But what I do know is 911 made me truly grateful that I live in this country I do and believe in the Constitution and thank God everyday that our military guards our gates we Cherish so greatly!


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