Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Homemade Old Fashion Pasta!

What better way to entice your family or guest to a old fashion homemade pasta  a very simple recipe that you will truly enjoy.
I have gone back to making my own pasta as it is fun easy to make and in today's economy en expensive.

You will need:

2 eggs
2 cups of flour of all purpose flour
1tsp of Olive oil

place your flour on a board or flat counter service
form a well in the center
brake open both eggs and place in center of the well
stir with a fork the eggs until broken up
with your hands start to mix flour into eggs
form a ball with your hands and knead for 2-3 min.
rub Olive Oil on dough then wrap in plastic
let rest on counter for 30 min

after resting dust counter or board with flour cut dough in half
using a rolling pen roll out dough until flat as a dime keeping your surface dusted
with a sharp knife or pizza slicer cut flatten dough into strips or squares

boil salted water place in water and cook until done. Serve with your favorite sauce
you can use this recipe for your base for Ravioli as well


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