Sunday, October 03, 2010

October is finally here!!

October is finally here! I have waited all year for this time to come why? Well it is pretty easy. After a long hot humid summer this time of year is more then welcome it is a necessity!
I love this time of year. The temperature starts to drop at night instead of seeing the same 81 degree I am starting to see 68 at 5.30 in the morning such a welcome change. The Sun is not as bright and the air is less humid all welcome changes for our Florida Fall Weather.

Now I know in other states the leaves start to change and the color is just beautiful but we do have the Florida Maple Tree and yes it will change but not in October but in January if it is cold enough.We don't have pumpkin patches or apple orchard but we do have the ability to swim in the Atlantic Ocean or the Gulf all year round Hmm not so sure that is a great trade off?

Baking I seem to enjoy more in the fall. It is wonderful to smell all of the spices such as Cinnamon All Spice & Nutmeg it fills your home with a warmth and comfort that summer just does not seem to have.
Walking through the stores all of the bright oranges and reds are such a welcome sight and a comfort to my eyes.

Although we do not have all of the Amitie's that other northern states and mid west states have I still like this time of year
as October is finally here

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