Monday, September 06, 2010

Summer coming to a close

Summer has come to a close time to put away the grill beach umbrellas and tanning lotion UN fortunately not in Florida in my sunny state we have those and more all year round in fact I have gone to the beach on Christmas day and laid in the sun to be honest it was beautiful. But in most states especially New England Labor Day marks the last day of summer so it is a great celebration beach beach and more beach.

Labor Day marks a special day for all. Now, it is a Federal Holiday and most of us have a day off and a great long weekend. Parades are happening and some use the parades for political exposure. But for most of us it is a day to enjoy with family and friends.

My Cousin's who live in New England go off to the Cape every year and bathe there white legs in the sun hoping to get a lifetime of tan in one day going back to there work with there skin still pale as ever. Laying out in the New England sun allows them to enjoy the last bit of sun as soon they will be indoors for many a month.
For me I stay in and drive by the beach as in Florida its too hot to be baking in the Sun in Florida you don't bake in the sun you sweat in the sun and time to time we have hurricanes so Labor day for me allows me to get caught up and preparing me for cooler days.

So wither you live in New England Alaska or the Florida Keys enjoy today and be proud of your Labors and what they have created

Hope you have had a great Summer


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