Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Eric Stuff Artichokes

My Dear and good friend Eric made Stuff Artichokes and they were do die for! So I asked him if I could put his recipe on my blog and he said of course.
Now I have made Stuff Artichokes but not like this his are superb so get your printer ready as I think you are going to enjoy making these

You Will Need

2 cups of Italian Bread Crumbs
2tbs of extra virgin olive oil
4 whole garlic cloves crushed and chopped
1 cup of dry white wine
2 cups of chicken broth
2 eggs
4 artichokes cleaned and ends snipped off

add your chicken broth and wine and garlic in a large pot
mix all ingredients including the olive oil and wash and spread the artichokes
and stuff
place in simmer broth and wine cover and let steam for about 40 min
you may need to add more wine and broth
you can place in broiler for 10 min to get your stuffing brown but I do not
Serve makes 4


Shel said...

I have never cooked with artichokes! This looks like a good recipe to start with. Thanks for sharing.

Lydia said...


Thank you for viewing my blog yes this a great recipe I have to make changes as I forgot the black olives and celery but never the less it is a great and tasty way to eat a artichoke