Saturday, August 21, 2010

Lammas, the End of Summer

August 1st marks the nearing of the Summer Pagan Holiday called Lughnasadh or the First Harvest
Those that follow the season and Mother Earth very closely know what this bountiful holiday is all about.It is the first of the three and one of the cross quarter of the Pagan Calender Year.
So what does this Holiday mean? Back in ancient time the pagans were very much ruled by the earth and how the season could govern there out come of life.So giving thanks to there Gods for a vital crops season was so important

Crops of this time of year were berries corn wheat and fruits pretty much what we have today out of this fed there live stock and there family's so you can see how important it was to have a good crop. It meant survival!!

The word Luganasash comes from the Celtic God Lugh and today all through Europe this Holiday is very much celebrated as this marks the ending of summer and the first start of the fall.
How could we of strayed from honoring such a festive holiday? Oh it is so easy it is called mass production and convenience. Sometimes I think we have gotten away from the simple and fruitful way of life. Oh lets face it it is so easy to swing into a fast food restaurant drive through and get our hamburger and fries eat in a hurry and yes even throw the paper out on the road not even caring or looking back Sad but this is true. who even knew that a holiday was ever celebrated on August 1st and some might think well what is in it for me.To me, it is a special time it is a time of festive! I seem to love to bake my pies and prepare some Jams from the fruits and I love seeing Corn and breads perhaps I am feeling what my sister of days gone past.

Foods and Fruits that are prepared on this Holiday.

Cornish Hens
Corn Bred
Breads from the wheat
Berries of all kinds

How can we in today's world celebrate a festive Holiday as the First Harvest? Easy a Simple meal of any of these ingredients and especially if you have a garden. Take from your garden and prepare a awesome dinner for your family and friends and before eating this feast have everyone join hands close your eyes and give thanks Honor your spiritual believe and thank Mother Earth for giving life so you can continue with yours

I hope you have all had a wonderful Summer and remember always be kind to mother earth and all of her children


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