Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Vintage Aprons are they Making a Come Back?

Do you remember the days when your Mom used to where aprons? Colorful and stylish aprons? I do of course Mom always wore a white bakers apron as she was a professional baker but never the less she wore a apron

Going back as far as the 1800 Woman always wore Aprons History shows that some of the most prestige women where in style to the most elegant aprons around.

The colorful Aprons started in the early 1930s especially during the depression era they were called Bib Aprons fashion after the 1920s however aprons were made from materials left over from day dresses that the average women wore and sense it was time of great depression it was necessary that these fine aprons were homemade and thus they were.

In the 40s women left the home and went to work. So Aprons were not as fashionable as the average women left the home and was taking jobs of the men that were sent to war.The 50s were the fab of fashion with Aprons colorful all cotton with bright floral . The Bib apron went out of style as the half high ended apron came in to place.

No matter what era it comes from I love the Vintage Apron I have them in my Kitchen and I have collected over 20 originals from the early 20s-50s and I change from time to time the display in my Kitchen so when my family or close friends come over they know somewhere in my vintage kitchen hangs a apron




Janet, said...

Well, you know I love old aprons. I have many, many of them. Can't pass them up when I see them for a quarter at thrift stores and yard sales. I hardly ever saw my grandmother without an apron on.

Lydia said...

I agree Janet I love them they add so much character to a home and Yes I love your Blog!! it is what I love vintage