Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Our Pappy Our Father Our Dad!

Every year Hallmark manages to put out a holiday for our Moms and Dads and each year we scurry to figure out what to get for Mom and Dad but for my sister and I we take it a step further it is not just once a year but it is a everlasting event that takes place in our house hold. Why because they are family.But since it is Fathers Day I going to bring out some things about my Dad that I think you should Know.

Our Father was born in the North End of Boston Ma. If you are not familiar with the city of Boston it is the Italian section and I mean Italian. Dad was a part of six children in his family and mostly girls his brother Bill was the only other boy in the family.

Our father came to Vero Beach Fl in his youth working in a restaurant called the Old Parkway which he meet our Mom and thus they fell in love and got married.

Dad was determine to establish himself in Vero Beach as this was our Moms hometown but it was hard for him as there was very little work for any young man in the restaurant business and especially of Italian Decent! So back to Boston they went.

Our parents moved back to Vero Beach as Mom wanted us to grow up in a sleepy small town and Vero Beach was it. However, both my sister and I long for New England and hopefully we will migrate back to the area we fell in love with.
Our Father seemed to work 2 and sometimes 3 jobs in order for us to have a good life. Our Mother worked in our family bakery as she was a baker by trade so I guess my sister and I were taught to take charge of your life in a very early age. Oh don't get me wrong our Mom did not go to work until both my sister and I were in school but never the less Mom or Dad did not car pool for us. We had Bikes.

Dad love being around his family and taught both his daughters the key sense of Pride. He was and still is a very open minded man and believed there are more sides to a story then what is being told. He encourage both my sister and I to have dreams and to achieve them. He understood the diverse personalities both my sister and I have enjoyed each of our humor of how we displayed it and encourage us to move in the direction we wanted.

Today our Father is 83 and is as full of life as ever he still is the same as he was when in his younger days but wiser. Both my sister and I love his company and enjoy spending time with him
I know that our father will not be around in days to come and I thank each and every moment that he has with us. He has blessed us with so many charitable memories that I can only think of us now.So on this special day both my sister and I cherish this day spending with Dad and the many days to come

Happy Fathers Day Pappy!


Janet, said...

Loved the pictures and going down memory lane with you.

Lydia said...

Thank you Janet I am going to make your recipe of German Chocolate Icing
This weekend we are celebrating Fathers Day my sister Birthday and my Birthday

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