Monday, June 07, 2010


Our Aunt Gloria at our home in Vero Beach
Myself in Boston
Cousin Denise and Debbie
Cousin Wane hiding around his house
Cousin Sharon not sure of who she is holding and I think our
second cousin James or Billy at Grandmothers house
Grandpa Oteno and Grandmother Theresa at our house
Aunt Luise and Uncle Reno our home in Vero Beach
Cousins Sharon and Wane with I think the Law girls
Grandpa Tom and Grandma Barbara
My sister at the Beach in Vero
My Uncles Reno and Eddie
My Sister and I at the Beach in Vero
My Aunt & Uncle and Cousins Debbie &

Our Mom in 1970s at our Dads Night Club

What Memories this has brought back as when I found these pictures.
So many things I remember about growing up!
Some in Boston, but mostly in Vero Beach! We did spend a lot of time at
the Beaches and what fun did we have.

On the picture of my Uncle Eddie and Uncle Reno I remember when they all came down from Boston to visit us.Our house was full of Music and the smell of the Italian Red Sauce was through out our home. Everyone was a cook then.
My Uncle Reno Loved Al Martenio and he played the album and song over and over Spanish Eyes until we all knew the words without missing a beat.
My Uncle Eddie was always giving me money and asking me to hold it.

The other picture of my Auntie Phillis and Uncle Bill with our two cousins Debbie and Denise I still can remember my Aunt she was always so proper and dressed always so nice and our cousins they were always fun to be with and still are.

Our Mom!! She was a beautiful woman all the way through her entire life I can see why our father fell in love with her.I know if Mom were alive today she would be very proud of her two daughters and there drive for life.There love for animals and compassion and strength it takes to achieve in life today

I will be posting time to time old family pictures as I find them with hopes you can sit back and enjoy in Lydia's Little Corner of the world!!



e-Mom said...

Love those pics from the '70s! Such precious memories.

e-Mom @ Susannah's {Kitchen} Aprons

Lydia said...

Thank you for writing me and viewing my blog it has been a joy for me to find all of the pictures that I have found
Looking forward in hearing from you again


Janet, said...

I love old pictures, too. We just had a family reunion and we always look through boxes of old photographs.

Lydia said...

Hi Janet

It has been a joy to go through these pictures it has brought back so many memories