Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Joys of having Standard Poodles!

Wow where to begin? As you probable have figured out I have to wonderful Standard Poodles named Thomas & Evan. Both are related to each other as they are full littermate brothers.
I first received Thomas as a 8 month old bouncing Puppy and I might add Beautiful he was. His glowing white well groomed coat in puppy clip was just to me with out words.

The drive home was quite long as there happen to be a terrible accident on the Fl Turnpike so I had to be re routed. I had the radio on with the classical music playing to make my new Puppy comfortable he sat in the back seat like a little boy as quiet as a church mouse probable wondering what new smells and new life was he going to encounter? one getting him home he adapted right away and was happy in his new home.

Evan his full littermate brother did not come until 3 years later and Thomas had already started in agility so Evan had lots of catching up in fact we did not start Evan until this year and he is doing very well. With this season earning already one title in fun games in CPE.
When the boys were reunited it was as if they were never apart. They immediately started to play with each other and it was brothers from the get go so Thomas and Evan became a important part of my life.

Having Standard Poodles are wonderful as a breed they are smart,whimsical, and loyal to there owners and surroundings. They are very athletic and love to perform they are great jumpers in agility and can easily clear there required jump height of 26 or 24 inches. There is a saying Dogs jump Poodles fly.Poodles love to be with you and your family they are to me incredible dogs!

Grooming can be a issue. My boys are groomed every two weeks some folks do there own but I do not have time or the talent so it is best to leave the grooming to the professionals.Most of the Standard Poodles that compete in agility are clip very close in a hunting clip but I like a little style.
My boys have a great diet and are feed all organic food Orijen a food out of Canada I would feed raw but that is expensive so I do the next best thing, Organic.

Now you know a little about my boys and what great dogs they are and I hope you have enjoyed this little story in my little corner of the world



Lexus20070 said...

Great article about the boys. Yes they are fantastic animals and bring a lot of joy to alot of people. I know mine do. Each one is an individual and I do not compare them to one another for that reason, anymore than my parents compared us to each other. I totally agree with Lydia that they are very athletic, and agile. Great aricle Lydia. Roxanne

Lydia said...

Thank you Roxanne they are so special to me